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Welcome to Lakeland towing service, the company that is always there for you in your times of need. We have been working in Lakeland for a long time now and we have made it our number one priority to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve. We hope that you get the service you need!


There is an old joke in the towing world that we never really grew up. We loved playing with trucks when we were little and we have just traded them in for bigger and better vehicles. We agree with this joke. Why? Because we love our jobs. However, we do not think that this means we don’t take it seriously enough. Oh contraire! We take our jobs seriously because we have a deep passion for helping people. The way that we have chosen to do that is through this project.


    Our Services

    The services that we offer have been made available to the people in the Lakeland area for a decent while now and most people know who we are. However we are always aware of the different ways that we can be expanding our reach. Keep on reading!

    Lakeland Towing Service - Lakeland Towing Service 1
    Lakeland Towing Service - Tow Truck Service 1
    Lakeland Towing Service - Winch Out and Rollback Service 1

    Lakeland Towing Service

    Towing services (Lakeland) have never been better. We are the company who never cuts corners. We are always ready to do our duty to the community and it will always remain that way. We will perform a towing service like you have never seen before and by the end of the day we will leave you with a smile on your face. There is nothing better than having a quality contractor in the area. That is what we are and that is what we will continue to be for you.

    Tow Truck Service

    Tow truck services Lakeland have seen in the past have been pretty good. But often they have not had the clout and the scope to be able to take on all of the jobs that they promised to do. It is sad when this happens but it does happen. We are not that contractor and we never will be. We have a fleet that can take on any job in the field and we will never be intimidated by the job in front of us. That means that we are the most trusted towing service in Lakeland every time.

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    Lakeland Towing Service - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service 1
    Lakeland Towing Service - 24 Hour Roadside Assistance 1

    Full Wrecker

    If you want a full wrecker service, Lakeland has the contractor for you. Lucky you. We are there to give you the helping hand that you need and the nudge you deserve to get you back to the right place in your day. Nobody likes their day to be interrupted with a towing service so we make sure that our full wreckers give you the boost you need. There are many headaches that can come with a job like this unless you hire a contractor who is professional. We are the ones!

    Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

    Heavy duty towing - Lakeland has had easily accessible light duty towing and medium duty towing in the past. However, there is now a heavy duty towing service that works for you right here in the local area. Rotator service (Lakeland) is also a great addition to what we offer giving the customers more choice and more overall support in all of their towing needs. With all of that being said we are ready to deploy our vehicles when they are needed and not before. But you will notice the difference when we do!

    Lakeland Towing Service - Full Wrecker Service
    Lakeland Towing Service - Lakeland Towing Service
    Lakeland Towing Service - Tow Truck Service

    Winch Out and
    Rollback Service

    Winch out (Lakeland) and rollback service (Lakeland) have both been part of our repertoire for a little while now. They are very good at getting people out of difficult situations and back on the road where they should be so that they are ready to get on with the day as normally planned. When you need a service like this, ring us up directly and we will try to get to you as soon as possible because we understand that nobody wants to be waiting around for help at this point.

    24 Hour Roadside

    In Lakeland, there has never been a comprehensive 24 hour roadside assistance service like ours. We are guaranteed to get to you quickly because we have the manpower and the can do attitude to make sure that you get the help that you need with none of the headache that might come with it. If you don’t want to take our word for it, just head on over to the testimonials section of the site to hear from some of our customers (reviews to be added soon).

    “Towing service(s) Lakeland has seen over the years have been good and bad. These guys have what it takes to make the difference. We have many different vehicles that we work with and therefore we are in need of a decent amount of towing services. So far, we have had 24 hour (Lakeland), towing and recovery (Lakeland) and I 4 towing (Lakeland).” - Jimmy D.

    “Last week I had a hwy 98 towing. Lakeland has been an easier place to get stuck in since these lot have started operating in the area. Hwy 92 towing - lakeland is blessed with that, too now. Their hwy 570 towing (Lakeland) is available and ready to go.” - Jason Isaacs

    “Could not be happier with the services that we have received from this company. It has been fantastic from start to finish and we are really happy to be able to recommend them out. Get in touch with them today.” - Tom Hooks.

    Contact Us Today

    So, after you have visited the service page for you (or before if you need a service right now) you are very welcome to get in touch with us. All of our contact details can be found quite easily on this website and we are always ready to form a new customer relationship with someone in the community. Give us a ring or send us an email.

    Thanks to our friends at Lubbock Lawns for hooking us up with one of their lawn mowing Lubbock sister companies here in Lakeland!