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Tow Truck Service

Auto towing

One of the things we are most proud of here at Lakeland Towing is the fleet that we command. It is what makes us able to do all the jobs that we given and it is what separates us from many of the other contractors that are out there. So, give us the chance to show this off and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have a good towing contractor whenever you need one. We haven’t been this successful for this long without leaving behind us a long trail of happy customers. We want to add you to that list! So keep reading down below for more.

Any Size

The reason why we are so proud of our fleet is because we have the vehicles to be able to take care of every single shape and size that the roads throw at us in the form of vehicles that are in need. The light duty vehicles we command are the quickest and easiest to operate. With these we can get down small lanes to tricky jobs and we can look after other small vehicles, motorbikes and machines that are in need of moving. Our medium duty towers are ready to look after bigger vehicles. Here, we include vans, trucks and 4 by 4s. We will explain heavy duty on another page.

Not All Contractors

Not all contractors are able to realize the kind of scale that we promise. They are stuck with being able to look after a certain set of vehicles. This is not their fault, sometimes there just isn’t the funding there to make sure that they can buy enough towers. We, however, have grown enough to command one of the most impressive fleets in the area. But we need to use these vehicles unless they are going to just rust in our garage. Please help us to make sure this doesn’t happen! Give us a call today to make sure that we keep our rhythms going.

24 Hours

Another thing that we are able to do is to offer 24 hour service. Yes, you heard that right and we are able offer 24 hour full wrecker service. Why? Because you are not able to choose the point at which you are in need of towing services. It is a funny thing in that way. We are there for you at those times where you break down and you are in need of a friend.


But, we don’t just come and pull you away. The people that we serve are often not in need of just a bit of movement. There are many other ways to help that are sometimes more important. The good thing about having a team of versatile tradesmen and women is that we can sometimes offer roadside mechanical support before we just drive you away. This is the moment where you realise that you have a real contractor behind you. Servicers who won’t just help, but will support you.