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Lakeland Towing Service

Tow truck with a car on the road

Here at Lakeland towing service we are ready to come and make sure that you get where you need to be going. It is never a good day when you realize that you need a towing service and therefore you should make sure that you know how to minimize the headache that could come your way if you are not careful. If you are ever in need, have a friend ready to help. That is what we say. On this service page we want to explain to you how we are able to help, the information you need to know beforehand and the ways to get in touch when you need to call on support.

Our Fleet

We are able to deploy any kind of vehicle that is needed. This is not the kind of company that are only able to give out certain services at certain times! Our fleet includes many different light duty towers, medium duty towers and heavy duty towers and we are able to complete the tow truck service that we need to when you need it most. Our fleet is something that we are very proud of and we think of it as the crowning jewel of the organisation here in Lakeland. There are many, many things that we are proud of but a large efficient fleet has got to take the top spot!


There are many reasons why you might need a towing job in your lifetime. You might experience a breakdown issue and need to be taken to a sport where you are able to get moving again. You might have experienced a collision or you might have got yourself stuck somewhere in a position that you cannot get out of on your own. If you have never had need of these services in the past then you have certainly been lucky. However, you probably will need them at some point in the future and therefore it is a good idea to have a friend to call who knows how to help.

Our Process

The process that we operate is pretty much the same for every single job that we do. We are ready to give you a great towing job but we are not able to do that unless we you get in touch with us and tell us the situation. So, the first step is the communication starting. You will contact us and we will make sure that we come out and find you as soon as possible. or, if you are contacting us about a service in the future,  we will be able to organise it and make sure we get to you when the time is right. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Save Our Number

The most important thing for you to do at this stage is to make sure that you save out number so that you have someone to call upon when the time comes. Make sure you aren’t waiting around!