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Full Wrecker Service

Lakeland Towing Service - Full Wrecker Service 2

The full wrecker is a bit like the large cannon in the armada. We only ever roll this out when we absolutely need to but you will hear it before you see it when we do. Our full wrecker and heavy duty towing and rotator services is a bit legendary in the area because of the power that it can supply. It will be the quite the experience if you see this beast out on the roads and you will tell your friends about it the very next day. We have the right attitude with these things and we make sure that the power is only unleashed when it is absolutely necessary for it to be! Keep on reading for more details.

When and Why?

There are too many reasons why you might need a full wrecker service to list here but suffice to say these beats of the road are rolled out to deal with the very biggest and heaviest issues. There is a reason why they are called full wreckers, after all. We have a long list of customers behind us with this service and we want to add you to that list. If you are in need of more evidence then head on over to the testimonials section of the website and read for yourselves what some of our other customers have said (more and more to be added over time).

We Will Find You

There is one guarantee that we are willing to make here and that is to do with the time that it will take us to find you. The answer is not very long! All of our vehicles are fitted with state of the art GPS systems and we will use them to trangulate to your location from the moment that you get in touch with us. If that fails, which it is very unlikely to do, we will come out and use our mental road maps to find you, which are just as good! We have been operating for long enough in the local area to make sure that you have a very good working knowledge of the roads and streets.

Our Process

If you feel like you want to book out services, there is only one thing that you need to do: get in touch! That is the first step. Afterwards, we will be able to do what we do best - get the job done. We will always give you fair pricing and we will set you straight onto the path to stress free continuations. It is stressful enough needing a towing service and we want to limit that stress rather than build on it with the work that we do. You will notice the difference, we promise!

No Back and Forth

Once we have found you, we will be able to do the job then and there without having to come back without getting the job done. We will have everything with us from the moment we arrive and we will make sure we don’t have to return.