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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Lakeland Towing Service - 24 Hour Roadside Assistance 2

By 24 hour, we mean 24 hour! This means that at any time, rain or shine, day or night, we will be there to give you a helping hand and to set you on the path to a stress free situation. It is not a service that every contractor can provide but we have the team and the resources to be able to. Therefore, you should partner with us for all of your towing concerns. We are there for you and you should be aware of it! On this service page we are going to be talking about the various facets of this service, giving you the information you need and explaining how it all works.


Here is the funny thing about breakdowns, and the situations where towing services may be required in a more general sense: you cannot choose when they happen. Why is this? Well, it is because breakdowns and accidents and problems on the road are not really things that you can plan for. You should be surprised when they do or you have done something wrong. However, there is something that you are able to do at this juncture. You are able to make sure that you have our contact details. When the time comes, you can get in touch and we will be there soon.

What We Can Do

The first aspect of a towing service is obviously to tow you somewhere you are safe and able to get the support you need. However, we are able to offer more than that. Our staff are very versatile and we all have varied backgrounds. We work in towing now but we have staff who have been mechanics before along with lots of other jobs. Therefore, if it is just a small issue - like a flat tire or a small tweak needed - we will be able to do it then and there for you on the side of the road. Rather than having to waste half the day, we think you would prefer this option.

We’ll Come to You

Our roadside service is designed to help you to get yourself out of a difficult situation. Therefore, we are happy to be there when you most need us to be. All of our vehicles are situated with state of the art GPS systems and that makes it much easier for us to come and find you and to get you into a situation where you are better able to go about your day. Make sure that you give us a ring if you need to and save our number not to ensure you have a friend to call upon when the time comes. You will give yourself a pat on the back when you get speedy help in the future.

Our Team

Our team are ready to help. We are all trained in the work that we do, both technical and emotional, with fantastic customer service sessions given regularly. Choose us over the others! Find out much more details about us.